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GeoSafari® Vega 360 Telescope

Ideal for getting children started with astronomy, this telescope for kids delivers clear, up-close images at magnifications of 18x, 27x, 45x, 67x. It’s lightweight, easy to set up, has a diagonal mirror for comfortable viewing, and a sturdy tripod for on-the-go STEM learning. Use it to view the natural wonders of the Earth including birds and animals or see beyond into the realms of space.

This real working telescope for kids supports STEM learning. Powerful, lightweight, and portable, it’s perfect to help children aged 8+ get started in astronomy.

  • The GeoSafari® Vega 360 Telescope is a 360mm refractor telescope, with a 50mm objective lens and all-glass eyepieces, and delivers crisp, clear images at magnifications of 18x, 27x, 45x, 67x
  • The 50mm 2-element coated all-glass objective lens eliminates colour distortion
  • This telescope for kids comes with a sturdy, aluminium tripod and is lightweight, easy to mount, and great for travelling
  • It’s ideal for watching wildlife and nature and exploring the night sky
  • Measures 44cm H.

Suitable for 8+ Years