Learning Resources STEM - Magnets Activity Set

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STEM - Magnets Activity Set

This kit has been specifically designed to engage and inspire primary children in science, technology, engineering and maths lessons to develop enthusiasm from a young age.

  • All inclusive kit provides real S.T.E.M learning for young children
  • Colourful set teaches primary learners about the properties of magnetism including:
    • Polarity
    • Attraction
    • Repulsion
  • Children conduct hands-on investigations and record data to find the optimum situation for each activity
  • Good introduction to problem solving
  • Ideal solo or small group activity
  • STEM magnet activity set includes:
    • One horseshow magnet
    • Magnetic post
    • Maze
    • Four colour-coded ring magnets
    • Two colour-coded bar magnets
    • Two plastic magnetic ladybirds
    • Two snap-on toy cars
    • Ten activity cards
    • Multilingual activity guide
  • Ring and bar magnets north and south poles are colour-coded
  • Plastic maze piece measures 28cm L x 21.5cm W x 1cm H
  • Activity cards cover all aspects of S.T.E.M learning
  • Features multilingual packaging

Suitable for 5+ Years