Learning Resources Smart Toss Bean Bag Activity Set

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Engage kinaesthetic learners and promote physical activity as you reinforce early maths skills (shape and number recognition), colour recognition and gross motor skills.

Board offers four play options - colours, numbers, shapes and free play.

Great for after school clubs or school fetes.

Includes Activity Guide, carrying handle, 12 canvas bean bags and a wipe-clean vinyl board, which folds flat to 60cm x 50cm for easy storage.

Ages: 3+

"My children, ranging from 2½ to 9 years old, loved it. The games can be adapted according to the age of the children and they learn a lot of very important skills, such as taking-turns and being patient; counting; recognising colours, shapes, numbers; listening to the rules; and gross motor skills - as well as getting quite physical!" (Child Care Magazine - August 2008)

"Planning an exciting numeracy area can be tricky - Smart Toss encouraged lots of children to want to go and join in with the numeracy learning. Having the 4 games really helped as I was able to meet different childrens needs including extending more able children, for example by adding two numbers together." (Mini Nowrung)