Learning Resources Cuisenaire Magnetic Demo Set

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These great value sets include enough colourful rods for small group or whole class use! Rods come in 10 different sizes and colours and each colour represents a different rod length that can be assigned a different numeric value or unit of measure. Each set includes rods, convenient storage trays with lid and a Teacher's Guide. Longest rod measures 10cm.

Use to reinforce:
  • Addition & subtraction
  • Fractions & decimals
  • Multiplication & division
  • Pattern & algebra
  • Geometry & measurement
  • Probability & statistics

Demonstration set includes: 64 Cuisenaire Rods: 20 white (shortest) 12 red and four of each of light green, purple, yellow, dark green, black, brown, blue and orange (longest).

Suitable for Ages 5+
SMALL PARTS. Not for < 3 yrs.