Learning Resources Connecting Ten-Frame Trays

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Learning Resources Connecting Ten-Frame Trays

Reinforce early maths skills!

These connectible trays will help primary learners visualise their maths activities as they develop a variety of mathematical skills.

  • Ten-frame trays can be used to support a variety of basic numeracy skills:
  • Counting
  • 1-to-1 correspondence
  • Number patterns
  • Arithmetic; additions, subtraction and multiplication
Set includes:

  • 10 ten-frame trays
  • Five five-frame trays (to create 5 x 5 arrays)
  • 150 coloured disks (blue and green)
  • Sturdy plastic trays are connectable via their length
Ten-frame trays measure 16cm L x 6.5cm W

Features multilingual packaging and activity guide