Learning Resources Alphabet Acorns Activity Set

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Learning Resources Alphabet Acorns Activity Set

An engaging introduction to the alphabet!

A fun and interactive activity set that will support a variety of early literacy skills such as alphabet awareness and letter recognition.

This colourful acorn-themed activity set builds a number of key skills from an early age:

  • Alphabet awareness
  • Uppercase and lowercase letter recognition
  • Early vocabulary
  • Phonics
  • Colour recognition
  • Sorting
  • Matching
  • Early learners complete the plastic acorns by matching the uppercase letters on the acorn body with the corresponding lowercase letters on the matching coloured lids
  • Open the acorns to discover a surprise – a colourful counter that corresponds to the acorn’s letter
  • Activity set develops fine motor skills as children fit and remove the tops of the acorn models
  • Includes 26 two-piece acorns and corresponding counter figures
  • Acorns and counters feature five colours for colour match fun: orange, green, blue, red and purple
  • Acorns are designed to allow for stacking
  • Ideal solo or group activity
Plastic acorns measure 6cm H x 5cm L

Features multilingual packaging and activity guide