2Work 1-Ply M-Fold Hand Towel Blue [Pack of 3000] 2W71923

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2Work 1-Ply M-Fold Hand Towel Blue (Pack of 3000) 2W71923

These highly absorbent 1-ply blue paper hand towels provide an economical, simple and hygenic method of hand drying. These towels are interleaved, so when fitted to any standard hand towel dispenser, only one towel is presented at a time, avoiding excess waste. This bulk pack of 3,000 provides towels that are durable and long lasting. These hand towels are 100% recycled and provide great value for money.

  • 1-ply, M-fold paper towels
  • Great absorption of all fluids
  • Interleaved to reduce waste
  • Perfect for promoting hygiene in your workplace or home
  • Can be installed into standard hand towel dispensers
  • Size: 245x240mm
  • 200 towels per sleeve
  • Pack of 3000
  • Colour: Blue