1-Ply Green C-Fold Hand Towels [Pack of 2850] WX43094

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1-Ply Green C-Fold Hand Towels (Pack of 2850) WX43094

Allowing you to clean a range of surfaces without any difficulty, these C-fold hand towels are ideal for use in every workplace. Highly absorbent, these towels can be used to dry hands, mop up spills, or wipe and dry surfaces. This bulk value pack contains 2,850 1 ply green hand towels, which can be used to re-stock dispensers.

  • 1 ply, C-fold hand towel for drying hands
  • Can also be used for wiping and drying surfaces
  • Perfect for maintaining a hygienic environment
  • Great value product
  • Absorbs all liquid with ease
  • 15 packs of 190 hand towels
  • Colour: Green