Learning Resources Latch & Learn School House

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Learning Resources Latch & Learn School House

Develop curiosity with this with this engaging early skills activity set

This engaging activity set is ideal for developing a range of key skills from an early age. Its interactive nature will keep little ones entertained while encouraging their curiosity too.

  • Sturdy plastic activity set is perfectly sized for little hands
Plastic school house features:

  • Four windows and one door, all with a type of workable latched lock
  • Five colourful room settings
  • School clock with moveable hands for early time telling activities
  • Different coloured windows and doors will build early colour recognition (green, blue, red, purple and orange)
  • Comes with easy-to-hold people counters in the same colours, allowing for basic colour matching activities
  • Activity set features numbers 1 -5 for early counting activities and number recognition
  • Introduces positional language as children place the counters into the rooms
  • Set provides hands-on play to strengthen fine motor skills from a young age
  • Locking and unlocking the latches will introduce cause and effect to early learners
Set includes:

  • Plastic school house
  • One teacher counter
  • Four student counters
  • Extend the learning with imaginative play opportunities
  • School house features carrying handle for easy transportation
Measures 30cm H x 25.5cm L

Features multilingual packaging and activity guide