Learning Resources Kanoodle Duplexity

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Learning Resources Kanoodle Duplexity

A two-tone test of logic and reasoning! These 200 logic puzzles have been designed to put brain power to the test! Simply select a challenge card, place it in the case and play!
  • Game play encourages spatial reasoning and problem solving skills
  • Game box includes: 200 puzzles (100 double-sided puzzle cards), 28 two-colour magnetic pieces, carry case and multilingual instructions
  • Challenges increase in difficulty as you work through them from 1 - 200
  • Carry case features magnetic surfaces and carry handle for on-the-go fun
  • Game case measures 23cm H (including handle) x 18cm W x 4cm D when closed
  • Single player game
  • Features multilingual packaging
  • Ages 8 - 12

How to play
  • Select a puzzle card from the slot in the front of the game case
  • Remove the coloured tiles that don't feature on the puzzle card
  • Place your remaining pieces onto the puzzle card, matching both halves of the game pieces to the squares on the card
  • Once you have recreated the puzzle with the correct coloured squares in the correct places, move onto the next challenge