Learning Resources Euro Money Classroom Kit

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The first of its kind!

Everything you need to teach Euro money in the classroom.

Notes have realistic appearance and size.

The collection of coins even simulates various international Euro coin backs.

This kit contains: 100 each of 5 EURO, 10 EURO, 20 EURO and 50 EURO notes; 50 each of 100 EURO and 200 EURO notes; 100 each of 1 Euro cent, 2 Euro cent, 5 Euro cent, 10 Euro cent, 20 Euro cent and 50 Euro cent coins; 50 each of 1 EURO and 2 EURO coins.

A multilingual, 64-page, photocopiable Activity Book and a large (47.5cm x 25.5cm) money tray with lid for easy storage are also included.

Ages: 5 to 9