Learning Resources Beaker Creatures Series 3 Reactor Pods (Pack of 6)

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Learning Resources Beaker Creatures® Series 3 Reactor Pods (Pack of 6)

Crazy Creatures, Smart Science! Beaker Creatures Series 3 has landed! Discover more than 30 new collectible creatures with a new limited-edition glow-in-the-dark Biolumes, whilst learning early science skills through hands-on play!

Extract! Identify! Explore!

Beaker Creatures™ combine the amazement of learning through science with the anticipation of surprise collectibles. With 30 creatures to collect, from five different planets, children will love building an out-of-this-world collection! Will you be lucky and uncover one of the limited-edition colour-changing Frostonians?

  • Children will create amazing bubbling reactions with Beaker Creatures
  • Simply drop a Beaker Creature Reactor Pod into a bowl of water and watch it fizz and bubble before revealing the collectible inside
  • Set includes six x 3-piece sets, each includes:
  • Beaker Creature Reactor Pod
  • Classification Card
  • Mini-poster featuring amazing science facts and fun images
  • The complete collection of 30 Beaker Creatures series 3 features:
  • Six creatures from five planets including: Rockers, Mythsmiths, Muchies, Featherlytes and limited-edition colour-change Biolumes
  • Set includes six reactor pods
  • Increase your collection with extra Reactor Pods, available separately!
Reactions could cause staining, please use protective cover on table tops