Britten & James Outdoor Explorer Kit for Kids aged 3-10

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Britten & James Outdoor Explorer Kit for Kids aged 3-10

Do you want to get your kids exploring nature and the big outdoors? This explorer kit really will bring out the adventurer in your child. Perfect for family walks, nature exploring, bug hunting, bird watching, hiking, camping, school trips and night-time adventures! Suitable for ages 3-10.

This premium quality kit includes:
  • premium quality binoculars made of non-slip shock proof rubber with 4x30 magnification. Easy to focus. Comes with a waterproof case
  • robust all-weather metallic pocket torch. Ideal for bug hunting, night-time adventures and camping
  • magnifying glass
  • folding lensatic compass with luminous dial
  • expandable bug viewing pot
  • tweezers
  • whistle (with compass and thermometer)
  • waterproof camouflage bag
  • a 'What can you Spot?' activity sheet, which is both fun and educational!